Jane Addams High School provides numerous programs to support its students’ personal growth and post-graduation career success.

Youth Enhancement Skills Program

This is a school-based program through the Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development. Scholars enrolled in this program receive intensive case management to assist them in strengthening academics, learning employment-seeking skills, and support in planning and securing post-high school education.

After School Matters

A City of Chicago initiative that offers scholars an opportunity to learn new skills, work with industry professionals and gain valuable hands-on career training.

Re-Enrolled Student Program

This is a school-based program through the Alternative Schools Network, in partnership with the Illinois State Board of Education. The purpose of this program is to give out-of-school scholars a chance to re-enroll in high school with expanded services and support.

Invisible Children Project

Designed to bring a tangible, personal face to specific issues affecting children in Africa. This assembly and program inspires students to utilize their unique leadership abilities to create positive change in their local community and impact policy in Washington, D.C..

Teens Can Make it Happen

A program designed by prominent businessman and author Stedman Graham, designed to assist students in gaining a better understanding of themselves, their strengths, and their desires while helping them to devise and achieve plans to realize their goals. This interactive program bridges the gap between education and the real world, providing students with the means to boost self-esteem, avoid peer pressure and handle the daily stress that comes with being a young adult.

Medical Training and Certification

Select scholars who have an interest in entering the medical field can apply to participate in our dual enrollment program to earn their Illinois State Certification as a Certified Nursing Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, or EKG Specialist. Scholars must be of Senior status and accepted into the program. Additional fees apply.