Attendance Club

The Attendance Club meets twice a week, Mondays and Wednesdays. The club consists of personalized individual case management to address goals for attendance as well as issues that may hinder students from meeting attendance and graduation goals (transportation, living situation, baby sitting, etc. ). Group discussions centered on the importance of time management in a fun interactive environment.

Boys’ Basketball Team

The boys’ basketball team holds three mandatory practices per week at 6:45a.m. and a film session after school on Wednesdays to review performance and progress in previous games. The goal of the basketball team is to have the players not only become a successful team but to also teach the players to become responsible, hard working individuals in everything that they do.

JAHS Dance Club

JAHS dance club explores several styles of dance, including jazz, hiphop, latin, contemporary, and modern. The club combines the fun and excitement of dancing with culturally enrichment and appreciation of the diversity and the art of dance. JAHS’s Mrs. Chappell choreographs the dance routines, and students are encouraged to add their own moves. The next time you feel like doing the salsa to a funky fresh hiphop beat, be sure to wobble, leap, two step, krump, flip, and sashay on down.

Poetry/Writing Club

The Poetry/Writing Club meets weekly to discuss writing, music, and art. Members of this club work together to create a newsletter, which includes information about JAHS staff as well as poetry and artwork submitted by JAHS students. When members of this club are not creating a newsletter, they are taking field trips around the city to admire the arts in all its different forms.

Scrabble Club

The Scrabble Club meets weekly and is a great place to have fun and challenge friends. Students listen to music, play Scrabble, and generally have a good time trying to get the best scores and beat their friends in friendly competition.

Yearbook Club

The Yearbook Club formally meets on Wednesdays, but the rest of the week, members are busy taking pictures, looking for stories, and thinking of ways to weave together a year of school through images and words. The end product always makes the hard work worth it.