Jane Addams High School (JAHS) is a closed campus, four year high school. JAHS is an accredited full-day, diploma-granting institution for grades 9 through 12.

Our curriculum includes instruction in English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Life Skills, Computers, and School-to-Work. Each scholar is assigned a mentor and has access to tutoring. Scholars are to arrive each school day between 8:30am-8:45am. School is dismissed at 2:50pm, except on early dismissal days at which scholars are dismissed at 12:05pm.

The school provides a guidance program for scholars. The guidance program is available to assist scholars in identifying career options consistent with their abilities, interests, personal values, and have the opportunity to receive college and career-oriented information. Representatives from colleges and universities, occupational training institutions and career-oriented recruiters, including the military, may be given access to the school in order to provide scholars and parents/guardians with information.